Can you explain the Legislature (Senate and Assembly)?

The Legislature

The Assembly and the Senate, both comprised of approximately 250 members, make up the legislature of the California YMCA Youth & Government Program. To accommodate the numbers, the legislators are divided into two groups (Blue and Gold).

Senators and Assembly members are primarily concerned with the passage of legislation. Within each House, elected officers preside over sessions and bills are debated following their passage from legislative committees. Lobbyists and Assistant Legislative Analysts (ALA’s) are also active in the legislative process and provide information to aid in the passage or defeat of a bill. 

Legislators should be familiar with basic parliamentary procedure, committee procedure and the Standing Joint Rules of the ML/C. They should practice speaking in front of their delegation and be prepared to field questions about their legislation.

Assembly and Senate

On the Floors of the Assembly and Senate, members debate legislation. Proponents present bills to other members with an Author/Sponsor speech. After debate and an Author/Sponsor summation, a motion will be made and the bill voted on. If passed, the bill passes, it moves to the other House for debate. If the bill passes both Houses, it goes to the Youth Governor for to either be signed into law, or be vetoed.

Legislative Committees

All Assembly members and Senators are also voting members of a Legislative Committee. Certain members are selected as Committee Chairs and serve in a leadership capacity to facilitate bill debate and amendments prior to their hearing on House Floors. Committee Chairs receive additional training in committee parliamentary procedure, team building, conflict resolution, public speaking, and time management. A Committee Clerk provides the Chair with administrative support.

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