Program Area: State Constitutional Convention (Con Con)

The Constitutional Convention is a demanding program where participants write a State Constitution from scratch in only three days. Working within the framework of rights reserved to the states in the U.S. Constitution, our Convention members will argue over the shape of the California government they wish to create. To do this, members can expect to spend large amounts of time in one-on-one, small and large group discussions, writing sessions and lively debates. After getting to know each of their fellow program participants, members will elect a Presiding Speaker. Delegates interested in Constitutional Convention should expect to have many public speaking opportunities, both prepared and impromptu, and to participate in discussions on a wide range of issues.  The ideal delegate is a high school Senior or returning MLC Junior, a hard worker, a facilitator who brings people together, is likely not shy (or no longer wishes to be) and sees the act of argument as a type of sport.  Constitutional Convention takes a lot out of a delegate but provides a framework for a truly memorable opportunity. 

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