MLC Committee Parliamentary Procedure

Committee Bill Hearing Procedure

  1. Clerk reads enacting clause of Bill
  2. Sponsor’s speech (5 minutes) – purpose and major provisions of Bill
  3. Questions of intent and interpretation. NOT DEBATE (not through chair)
  4. Legislative Analyst’s Comments
  5. Lobbyists speak for and against (3 minutes)
  6. Committee members speak (roll call – 2 minutes)
  7. General discussion among Committee members (not through chair)
  8. Chair calls for a motion on the Bill:
  • POSTPONE INDEFINITELY (kill the bill)
  • TABLE THE BILL (sets the bill aside)
  1. Lobbyists’ summation speeches (2 minutes)
  2. Sponsor’s summation speech (3 minutes)
  3. Clerk reads enacting clause
  4. Roll call vote: AYE, NAY, or ABSTAIN Majority will prevail; abstentions are not counted in the majority.

Notes:If a motion is not carried, a new motion is called for (see #8) Committee may not go on to another Bill until one of these motions passes.

Amendments may be made any time following #1 and before #8.

A speaker’s time may not be extended.


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