Assembly/Senate Parliamentary Procedure

  1. Bill is introduced by Presiding Officer
  2. Clerk reads the enacting clause
  3. Presiding Officer asks for any amendments

            Clerk responds YES or NO

            If Yes:

           - Clerk reads amendments
           - In the House of Origin the Presiding Officer asks for motion to approve
           - Motion/Second/Vote (requires simple majority)

            If No: Continue to 4

  1. Bill Sponsor Speech (5 minutes)
  2. Legislative Analysts’ report (5 minutes)
  3. Presiding Officer asks for Speaker for/against bill (3 minutes)

            A. Alternate speakers for and against

            B. Speakers must yield their time to Chair or to questions

            C. Three speakers MAXIMUM for and against

D. A motion to end debate (previous question) may be made before 3 for each side have spoken. This motion requires a second and a 2/3 majority to pass

            E. Debate ends with three speakers for and against, or with a successful motion to                       end debate.

  1. Bill Sponsor summation speech (3 minutes)
  2. Clerk reads the enacting clause
  3. Presiding Officer calls for a vote on the bill

            A. AYE, NAY, or ABSTAIN

            B. Majority will prevail; abstentions are not considered in majority.

  1. Presiding Officer announces results; go on to next bill.


Note: A speaker’s time may not be extended.

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