Assembly/Senate Parliamentary Procedure

  1. Bill is introduced by Presiding Officer
  2. Clerk reads the enacting clause
  3. Presiding Officer asks for any amendments

            Clerk responds YES or NO

            If Yes:

           - Clerk reads amendments
           - In the House of Origin the Presiding Officer asks for motion to approve
           - Motion/Second/Vote (requires simple majority)

            If No: Continue to 4

  1. Bill Sponsor Speech (5 minutes)
  2. Legislative Analysts’ report (5 minutes)
  3. Presiding Officer asks for Speaker for/against bill (3 minutes)

            A. Alternate speakers for and against

            B. Speakers must yield their time to Chair or to questions

            C. Three speakers MAXIMUM for and against

D. A motion to end debate (previous question) may be made before 3 for each side have spoken. This motion requires a second and a 2/3 majority to pass

            E. Debate ends with three speakers for and against, or with a successful motion to                       end debate.

  1. Bill Sponsor summation speech (3 minutes)
  2. Clerk reads the enacting clause
  3. Presiding Officer calls for a vote on the bill

            A. AYE, NAY, or ABSTAIN

            B. Majority will prevail; abstentions are not considered in majority.

  1. Presiding Officer announces results; go on to next bill.


Note: A speaker’s time may not be extended.


  1. What is MLC?
  2. Conferences: MLC Training & Elections I (T&E I)
  3. What is Spring Conference?
  4. What is CONA?
  5. What is NJC?
  6. MUN Secretariat
  7. What happens if I violate the Code of Conduct?
  8. Should we elect delegation officers?
  9. MLC Awards
  10. MLC Dress Code
  11. MLC Program Area Summaries
  12. Financial Aid: Individual Scholarships & Delegation Block Grants
  13. Accessing Leadership Application Forms in Reggo
  14. How do MLC elections work?
  15. Running for Office: Why you should run
  16. MLC Elected Leadership Application Questions
  17. Officer Questions
  18. MLC Appointed Leadership Application Questions
  19. Program Area: State Constitutional Convention (Con Con)
  20. What do Lobbyists do?
  21. Can you explain the Legislature (Senate and Assembly)?
  22. Bill Development
  23. Sample Bill
  24. Sample Constitutional Amendment
  25. Sample Joint Resolution
  26. Sample Concurrent Resolution
  27. MLC Committee Parliamentary Procedure
  28. Assembly/Senate Parliamentary Procedure
  29. What is the Assistant Legislative Analyst (ALA) program?
  30. Legislative Analyst Report Questions
  31. What is the Board of Education?
  32. What is the Court program in MLC?
  33. What is the Department of Finance?
  34. Department of Finance Proposal Questions
  35. What is the National Issue Commission (NIC)?
  36. Writing Your NIC Proposal
  37. NIC Commission Procedure (Rounds 1 & 2)
  38. Program Area: Political Parties Program
  39. Program Area: Polling Program
  40. What's the Forum program?
  41. Program Areas: International Affairs Commission (IAC)
  42. What do advisors do?
  43. How old do advisors have to be?
  44. What is the required advisor ratio?
  45. Distribution Formula Explained

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