Writing Your NIC Proposal

Writing a NIC proposal is easy. NIC proposals consist of three sections. The proposal format is designed to allow for creativity and persuasive argumentation. Proposals are a written idea, not rigid legislation. 

Proposal Format

Every proposal has three sections (Please make sure to include your name and delegation at the top of each page):
  1. Topic of Concern: A concise statement or title of the issue being addressed (ex... Legalizing Same-Sex Marriages). Your Topic of Concern shouldn't be more than one sentence long. 
  2. Justification: Approximately 1-2 paragraphs that describe the proposal's concept and offer an argument in favor of the proposed solution. This section utilizes research to describe the problem being addressed and how to fix it. The Justification is the place for facts, figures, history, narratives, etc...
  3. Action to Be Taken: 1-2 sentences describing the specific policy(ies) that would be enacted to address this situation and who/what would enact the policy(ies) (ex. the United States will add a Constitutional Amendment legalizing marriages between two people of the same sex).

All proposals must follow this format and be approved by their advisor before submission. Proposals must deal with laws or issues that are national or international in scope. It is mandatory that delegates from the same delegation write on different topics.

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