Running for Office: I've got a candidate... Now what?


Make sure all required forms are submitted by the deadlines.
  • All applications and photos for leadership positions (elected and appointed) are to be submitted via online portal.
  • Please send the contact information for both the lead advisor and the advisor working with candidates (if they are not the same person) to by the candidate application deadline to ensure timely receipt of information.
  • Deadlines for all forms (including financial disclosure forms) are listed on the opposite side of this page.  
Make sure an advisor approves submitted applications by the deadlines.
  • Applications that are not approved by advisors will be considered incomplete, and candidates will be disqualified for incomplete applications.
Dedicate some delegation time to strategize for your candidate's campaign.
  • A clear way to make sure your candidate feels supported by the delegation.
  • Plan an auxiliary meeting to work on posters and slogans.
  • Even though candidates have a relatively large budget to use, they don't have to spend a cent to creatively campaign!
  • Rallying around your candidate before the conference can be a great bonding experience for your delegation, and great practice for the conference. 
  • Offer your candidate opportunities to practice speech writing and delivery to help them get comfortable with the process.
Talk to your candidate about their uncertainties and hesitation relative to running for office. Let your candidate know that you care, and are willing to help them through their hesitation. Remind your candidate that running for office takes a lot of courage, and they should be proud.

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