MLC Elected Leadership Application Questions

Here are the application questions on the MLC Elected Leadership Application in Reggo. We recommend writing your application ahead of time in a plain-text editor (if you use Word, make sure to save it as a plain-text version) and then copying and pasting into the application form. Try to minimize your use of apostrophes and special characters like ampersands, as these occasionally mess up the application text when it is downloaded from the application system.

69th T&E I Elected Leadership Application Questions

updated November 20, 2016

Thank you for your interest in an elected leadership position. Before applying, be sure that you have read through the requirements for your position at You are eligible to apply for ONE elected position for T&E II. If you have any questions, please email

Prior to the conference, you will receive an EMAIL from Y&G Elections confirming your approval as a candidate, as well as providing you with important campaigning rules. Your Lead Advisor will also be copied on any email communication.

IMPORTANT: Your application MUST be approved by your Lead Advisor. Once you submit this application, you should immediately notify them you have submitted this application. This is YOUR responsibility as Reggo will NOT notify your Lead Advisor. The deadline for your Lead Advisor to approve your application is Thursday, December 8 at 11:59 PM.

Questions to Answer:

1. Provide Phonetic Pronunciation of Name (For example, Ariana Trujillo would be “Ah-r-ee-AH-n-ah Tru-HEE-yo” or try this website

2. Provide Grade (select option)

3. How many Sacramento conferences have you attended? If new, indicate 0.

4. What position are you applying for? (options listed)

  • Constitutional Convention: Presiding Speaker
  • International Affairs Commission: Chief Rapporteur
  • Jury Trial: District Attorney
  • Legislative Analyst: State Legislative Analyst
  • Legislative Houses: Chief Clerk of the Assembly/Secretary of the Senate
  • Legislative Houses: Chief Sgt-at-Arms of Assembly/Senate
  • Legislative Houses: Chief Whip of Assembly/Senate
  • National Issues Commission: Administrative Clerk
  • National Issues Commission: Adversary General
  • Supreme Court: Attorney General
  • 70th Youth Governor

5. List Previous Y&G Experience (This information is used to determine eligibility for this elected role so include program area, years participated and any elected/appointed leadership roles. Qualifications found online here.)

6. Candidate Statement (100 words or less). This statement will be published in the schedule with your photo. It should briefly explain why you should be elected for office. Any words after 100 will be cut off.

7. What is the topic or subject of your candidate speech? As a candidate, you will make a 1-2 minute speech at conference. It MUST focus on an issue facing the state. The content of the speech must be relevant to the position. Email if you have any questions or concerns.

8. Provide Email Address (this email address will be used to communicate if there is an issue with your application or campaign forms) 

In between the leadership application deadline and conference, the Y&G Elections Staff may need to contact you regarding your application and the conference election process. Email is the primary form of communication that the Elections Staff will use, so make sure to check that the email below is correct and that you check it frequently for updates.

9. Provide Cell Phone Number (this number will only be used if there is an issue with your application or campaign forms)

10. Upload a head shot. Pictures must be from the shoulders up with a solid white background and you MUST be in Sac Attire. Applications are not considered complete without a correctly submitted picture. If you have questions, please e-mail

11. I have read and understand the qualifications and duties of the office of which I am seeking, and if selected, I am prepared to carry out my responsibilities to the best of my ability. (mark yes if eligible)

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