Financial Aid: Individual Scholarships & Delegation Block Grants

The statewide program offers financial assistance to delegations serving underrepresented and economically disadvantaged areas. This assistance is offered in block grants to delegations.

Individual scholarships are also available for delegates based on need. Block grants and individual scholarships are available via application once the program year begins. It is understood that block grant and individual scholarship monies provided by the Y&G office may only be used to defray registration fees paid to Youth & Government. These awards will be automatically deducted from your delegation’s invoice. 

For more information about block grant funding and scholarships, contact the statewide office.

Remember : Delegates who do not have the personal resources to participate in the program should NOT be turned away. Fundraisers and state contributions should help ease the financial burden. Service clubs, attorneys, and businesses with educational interests are quite supportive of the program.

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