Recruitment Guide

The MLC Wants YOU!

A guide to recruiting more delegates.

Tip #1 Take advantage of your YMCA's existing programs. If your YMCA has other teen programs (summer camp, CIT, sports, aquatics, etc.) get a flyer in the hands of those kids. In addition to distributing flyers, you can also have an information night to collect potential participants' contact information. 

Tip #2 Recruit outside the YMCA. If you don’t already have a good relationship with your local high school, now is the time to develop one. Do your best to get into the school’s AP History/AP Government classes and/or any civic minded school clubs and sell MLC to them.

Tip #3 Different marketing material for different people. Different groups care about different things, so adjust your marketing material accordingly. The flyer you hand out to Teen Camp shouldn’t be the same flyer you hand out at a PTA meeting. It’s not uncommon for people to have at least two different versions of marketing material: one for the teens and one for adults.

Tip #4 Use peer groups. It’s always good to have returners/alumni/parents with you when making presentations to that peer group. Teens like to hear about the program from people their age and parents like to hear from other parents.

Tip #5 Share your success. Let people know about all the success your delegation has achieved. Share everything from getting your bill out of committee to getting someone elected to office. If you are part of a brand new delegation, talk about the greatness they will achieve based on the work you and your delegation officers have done.

In conclusion, if you need run into a wall and can’t figure out how to add more kids, you have a network of people that are available to talk to you and help you figure out how to grow!

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