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  1. 67th Youth Governor's Platform

  2. 69th MLC Supply Requests

  3. 69th T&E II Appointed Leadership

  4. 69th T&E II Appointed Programs Overview

  5. 69th T&E II Elected & Appointed Positions

  6. A local school wants to run Y&G. Is that possible?

  7. Accessing Leadership Application Forms in Reggo

  8. Advisors at Conference

  9. Assembly/Senate Parliamentary Procedure

  10. Bill Development

  11. Bulletins

  12. Camp Roberts Delegation Housing

  13. Can you explain the Legislature (Senate and Assembly)?

  14. Conferences: MLC Training & Elections I (T&E I)

  15. Contact Information

  16. Dates and Fees

  17. Delegation Dinner

  18. Delegation of Distinction Explained

  19. Department of Finance Proposal Questions

  20. Distribution Formula Explained

  21. Does Y&G offer school or course credit for participating in MLC?

  22. Facebook

  23. Financial Aid: Individual Scholarships & Delegation Block Grants

  24. Forms and Links

  25. Fresno FAQ

  26. Fresno FAQ Part Two

  27. Health History & Authorization Forms

  28. How are delegations of distinction determined?

  29. How are delegations of distinction recognized?

  30. How big should my delegation be?

  31. How do I capture and communicate about the "Spirit of Y&G"

  32. How do I start a delegation?

  33. How do invoicing and payments work?

  34. How do MLC elections work?

  35. How does the Y&G statewide office communicate with us?

  36. How old do advisors have to be?

  37. How to Register for Conferences in Reggo

  38. How to Write a Position Paper

  39. I want to sell something at Camp Roberts. How do I do that?

  40. Invoices and Payments

  41. Is California YMCA Youth & Government in charge of all the YMCA's in California?

  42. Is Y&G an excused absence?

  43. Is Y&G it's own YMCA?

  44. Legislative Analyst Report Questions

  45. Members of my delegation can't afford to attend! What do I do?

  46. MLC Appointed Leadership Application Questions

  47. MLC Appointed Program Leadership Application Questions

  48. MLC Awards

  49. MLC Committee Parliamentary Procedure

  50. MLC Dress Code

  51. MLC Elected Leadership Application Questions

  52. MLC Interns

  53. MLC Program Area Summaries

  54. MUN Interns

  55. MUN Secretariat

  56. NIC Commission Procedure (Rounds 1 & 2)

  57. Officer Arrival Time

  58. Officer Questions

  59. Program Area: Political Parties Program

  60. Program Area: Polling Program

  61. Program Area: State Constitutional Convention (Con Con)

  62. Program Areas: International Affairs Commission (IAC)

  63. Promotional Materials

  64. Recruitment Guide

  65. Role Assignment

  66. Role Switching

  67. Rosters

  68. Running for Office: I've got a candidate... Now what?

  69. Running for Office: Photo Submission Guidelines

  70. Running for Office: Pre-Candidacy Tips

  71. Running for Office: Why you should run

  72. Sample Bill

  73. Sample Concurrent Resolution

  74. Sample Constitutional Amendment

  75. Sample Joint Resolution

  76. Secretariat Program

  77. Should I review the code of conduct with delegates?

  78. Should we elect delegation officers?

  79. Staff Housing

  80. Staff Transportation

  81. Summit Preparation Assignments

  82. Transportation to Summit

  83. Twitter

  84. Wait! I'm an advisor! I can't be kicked out. Can I?

  85. What do advisors do?

  86. What do Lobbyists do?

  87. What happens if I violate the Code of Conduct?

  88. What is CONA?

  89. What is MLC?

  90. What is MUN?

  91. What is NJC?

  92. What is Spring Conference?

  93. What is the Assistant Legislative Analyst (ALA) program?

  94. What is the Board of Education?

  95. What is the Court program in MLC?

  96. What is the Department of Finance?

  97. What is the National Issue Commission (NIC)?

  98. What Is The Real United Nations?

  99. What is the required advisor ratio?

  100. What's the Forum program?

  101. Where can I find the Delegation Participation Agreement

  102. Where do I find this years program calendar?

  103. Where does MUN take place?

  104. Writing Your NIC Proposal

  105. You mean Y&G is run by volunteers?

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