How do invoicing and payments work?

Invoices are based on approved rosters that are submitted by delegations, no later than the conference registration deadline. Payments for said invoices are due no later than conference check-in.

Listed below are the basic steps to how the registration/invoicing/payments system works:

1.   Rosters are submitted and approved by deadline. The Lead Advisor needs to officially approve everyone that is attending that conference.

a.   It’s important that advisors don’t blindly approve everyone on their pending roster. Please only approve the people coming and be careful not to select duplicates.

b.   As per the Delegation Agreement, once a roster is officially submitted, groups will be financially liable for everyone on their approved list. THIS INCLUDES DROPS.

2.   The Monday following the registration deadline, California YMCA Youth & Government (Y&G) will invoice based on the number of people on your approved roster.

a.   If a delegation has late adds, PLEASE PAY FOR THE ORINGINAL invoice, and Y&G will issue you an additional invoice for any adds. Please do NOT wait until you have both invoices to submit your check request.

b.   Please do not mail your check if it is less than a week before the conference, as it will not get to the Y&G office in time.

3.   Payment is due NO LATER than conference check-in.

a.   If payment is not received by check-in, delegations risk being turned away. The Y&G Board has asked us to strictly enforce this rule.

4.   If you have questions about your invoice, ask them sooner rather than later. You don’t want to wait until it’s too late.




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