What's the Forum program?

The Forum program is designed to give freshman a unique Youth & Government experience. Forum members form committees based in topics of interest. In these committees, members meet with subject matter experts who help them create legislation.

A member of the Forum Program will:

  • Be a part of a group of 15‑20 delegates.
  • Assume a specific role and perform the duties assigned to that role. Roles include Chairperson, Vice‑Chairperson, Clerk, Chaplain, Fiscal Analyst, Court, Press, and Lobbyist.
  • Be familiar with the issues pertaining to the topic of your Forum group.
  • Interview guest experts and discuss and analyze their testimony.
  • Present research from their specific role to the Forum group.
  • Work with other Forum group members to create a bill addressing the topic of the group from all information gathered.
  • Debate bills in the Forum house using parliamentary procedure.

Forum members choose roles within the forum. They may run for office, lobby bills, be a legislator or court member. These roles are the same as those in the ML/C but within the Forum program.

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