Fresno FAQ Part Two

You had more questions, and we have more answers. Here's part two of the Fresno FAQ.


When will delegations know which hotel they will be housed in?
This information will be sent out in the January 6th MLC Delegation Bulletin. If you haven't signed up for the bulletin yet, please click here to sign-up

How many delegates/advisors are housed in each room?
Just like for the MLC, there are four delegates assigned to each room, and two advisors assigned to each room. 

Does that mean we might be housed with another delegation?
Yes. In an effort to keep costs down, we will be doing our best to fill all the rooms. This will result in delegations sharing rooms. We will be letting Lead Advisors know which delegations they will be sharing with, along with the other delegation's contact information. 

How will hotel check-in work?
California YMCA Youth & Government will give delegations their hotel keys Saturday afternoon/early evening, as they are available. 

Will luggage storage be available?
Yes, each hotel will have luggage storage available, or will have some delegation rooms that will be ready where luggage can be stored. 

Are boys allowed in girl's rooms, and vice versa? 
No. Similar to Camp Roberts, delegates of the opposite sex will not be allowed in each other's room. 

Can delegates visit with delegates in hotels other than their own?
No. Delegates should not be in hotels that are not their own. The schedule is set-up so that hotels are mostly for sleeping or sessions. There will not be time for delegates to be visiting other hotels. 

Can delegates return to their hotel rooms during the day?
No. Delegates are not to return to their hotel rooms during the day. Please check the schedule for times delegates are allowed back in their rooms. 

Is hotel parking covered, or will it cost extra?
There is no additional fee for parking at a hotel you are housed in. 

Can delegations order pizza and have it delivered to their room?
Pizza cannot be delivered after curfew. 

Do delegations need to stay on Sunday night?

Can delegations come up early on Friday night?
Yes, but it is strongly discouraged, as California YMCA Youth & Government will have no supervision available, no additional security in place, and no resources available for delegations that come up early. Delegations will also need to pay for the additional room night. Rates vary by hotel, but are approximately $100 per room, with a maximum occupancy of 4. 


When/where is check-in?

Conference check-in will be from 9:00 am until 11:30 am on Saturday, January 17th, at the Convention Center. Prior to check-in, please go to your hotel, drop off your luggage, and then have your bus/van drop your delegation off at the Convention Center for check-in. 

How will check-in work?
Check-in will be very similar to T&E I check-in. Lead Advisors can log-on to Reggo Friday night/Saturday morning and mark down any absences. Delegations will check-in at the registration area in the Convention Center with any updates. 

When is check-out on Monday morning?
Everyone needs to be checked-out of their rooms by 11:00 am Monday morning. At check-in, delegations will be given instructions on what to do with their rooms (it will be similar to Sacramento, where we ask everyone to strip their beds, etc...). We ask that no one leave prior to 9:00 am, as to not disturb other hotel guests. 

Since delegates can't go back to their rooms during the day, will there be a place for them to store their book (incase they want to study for finals)?
Yes. There will be a bag check location set-up in the Convention Center for delegates who do not want to carry their study materials around all day. 

Will there be a study area available in the evening?
Yes, there will be. 

What will dress code be?
School attire. No leggings, sweatpants, or yoga pants allowed outside of hotel rooms. We strongly encourage delegations to wear their delegation sweatshirts. 

Will there be wifi access?
Each of the hotels has complimentary wifi in their guest rooms. 

What will conference transportation look like?
Y&G will be providing transportation to and from the hotels and the Convention Center. Pick-up locations and times will be linked in the January 6th MLC Delegation Bulletin. 

Will advisor duties include bus duty?
Yes. part of the advisors duties will include advisors monitoring busses and the bus lines. 

When will we be getting schedules/maps to review?
They will be in the January 6th MLC Delegation Bulletin. 


Will meals be provided?
Yes, Y&G will be providing Saturday Lunch to Sunday Dinner in the Convention Center.

Can delegations have a delegation dinner?
No. At least not for this year. Moving forward, we will assess the viability of delegation dinners, but we will not be doing them this time. If delegations would like to order pizza to eat during their delegation meeting/reflection time on Sunday night (see schedule in January 6th MLC Delegation Bulletin), they can. 

Can delegates got to eateries at meal time, or do they need to eat at the Convention Center?
We strongly encourage delegations to eat together at Convention Center. This will allow time for advisors to check-in with their delegates. That being said, there will be a few eateries in bounds. That information will come out in the January 6th MLC Delegation Bulletin.

If we have a delegate with special dietary needs, where can we store their food?
The catering company we are using is doing their best to meet everyone's dietary needs. Please note that these must be dietary NEEDS, not food preferences. Y&G recommends delegates bring snacks if they need to supplement the meals provided. 


Will there be Deans at each hotel?
Yes, there will be at least one Dean assigned to each hotel, and at least two at the larger hotels. 

Will advisors have floor duties?
Yes, similar to Sacramento, advisors will be assigned to floor duty to help monitor the delegates. 

How safe is the area we will be in?
Similar to Sacramento, Fresno is as safe an area as we make it. With everyone's help, and the attitude that every delegate is your delegate, we can ensure that everyone is traveling in large groups and is making good choices. The more we look out for one another, the safer the everyone will be. 

Will there be additional security in the area?
Similar to Sacramento, the Fresno PD knows we are there and will have additional officers in the area. Fresno also will have Ambassadors stationed around our area to help monitor and point delegates in the right direction. 

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