Role Assignment

Between T&E I and registration for T&E II, all 10th – 12th graders need to be sorted into one of our program areas (Senate, Trial Court, NIC, etc…) by using that year’s Distribution Formula. The Distribution Formula shows you how where your delegates can go, based on your delegation’s size. The main reason we do this is that many of our program areas have hard caps due to facility size and staffing.

Different delegations use different criteria for role selection, but here are a few examples:
  • Bill author
  • Number of years in the program
  • Number of hours volunteered at delegation events
  • Attendance
  • Delegation officer
  • Best fit for a type of delegate
  • Separate cliques

To help advisors select which delegates go where, many delegations will have each delegate wright down their top 3 choices for roles. With the T&E II registration deadline being at the beginning of December, it’s a good idea to start your role selection process right after T&E I. Some delegations have their delegates fill out role preferences on the drive back from T&E I.    

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