What is the Assistant Legislative Analyst (ALA) program?

The ALA program is ideal for delegates looking to influence public policy, delegates who thrive on challenges, and delegates who can think for themselves on their feet. The Legislative Analyst program is a specialized, very small, yet highly influential program area within the Model Legislature & Court. 

For those delegates in the Legislative Analysts, they can expect to analyze legislation for its fiscal impact on California, speak during committees, speak in the Legislative houses, learn the legislative process in a way no other program area can provide, and have fun doing it!

The function of Legislative Analysts are to serve as the impartial "expert" on the policy and fiscal issues of their assigned legislation. Legislative Analysts are teamed up with a partner, with whom they will dissect their legislation to determine its financial ramifications. This will take place at T&E II, and while at home, until the Model Legislature in Sacramento. This analysis includes determining the Legislative intent of the bill or resolution, identifying the major issues of the bills (both pro and con), and determining the fiscal impact of the bill on the State. Once in Sacramento, Legislative Analysts will speak in committees, and on the floor of the legislature to educate Senators and Assemblymembers of their analysis. 

Unique Aspects of the Program:

  • ·       Akin to the Special Forces: small, specialized, and very influential
  • ·       Program focuses strictly on money. Delegates must be able to set aside social views
  • ·       All delegates speak in front of committees and the legislature
  • ·       The same delegate follows their assigned bills through the entire legislative process
  • ·       Seeks delegates who can “think outside the box,” can consider an issue from all perspectives,  and are responsible

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