How to Approve Registrations in Reggo

Prior to every registration deadline, Lead Advisors must approve registrations for their delegation.

How to Approve Registrations in Reggo:
  1. Go to Reggo's homepage (
  2. If you haven't done so already, create a profile.
  3. Click on the Admin Link in the email invitation sent from Reggo (if you need an Admin Link sent to you, please contact Y&G Core Staff).
  4. Accept the invitation.
  5. Click "My Groups".
  6. Click "Manage Delegation" next to the event you'd like to approve registrations for (ex. 71st Model Legislature & Court).
  7. Click "Approve Registrations".
  8. Scroll to the "Pending Registrations".
  9. Click "Approve" for the registrations you'd like to add and "Trash" for the registrations you'd like to remove.
As a reminder, registration fees are due and payable for every name approved in Reggo at the close of registration. Once officially submitted, delegations are responsible for the full fee for each person registered and approved.

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